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Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Plan for a more Sustainable Future

  • Substitute hazardous substances for safer alternatives
  • Implement recycling and reclamation programs
  • Encourage a paperless work environment
  • Encourage employee involvement in creating sustainable workplace initiatives
  • Conserve energy and water within the workplace
  • Support green vendors/purchase sustainable goods
  • Support quiet noise equipment vendors
  • Invest in green roofing/local food sourcing
  • Use energy efficient equipment and invest in green building design
  • Promote resource recovery through waste to energy technologies
  • Promote sustainable transportation by encouraging bicycling, using fuel efficient or electric vehicles
  • Zero Waste Planning
  • Use alternative energy sources for power (i.e., solar, wind, and geothermal)
  • Establishing sustainability goals, benchmarks, and tracking metrics


  • Sustainability Consulting, Auditing, and Assessments
  • Workplace Sustainability Written Programs
  • Sustainability Training
  • Provide Indoor Air Quality Testing for LEED building certification
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