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AIHA has provided a guidance document for when buildings reopen from COVID-19 closures. If a building was not properly cleaned for COVID-19 or maintained during the shutdown, opening the building can pose a health hazard to their occupants. These health hazards can be:

  • Mold growth can occur if temperature and humidity levels are not maintained.
  • Legionella is a concern if water systems in buildings are idle.
  • Ensuring COVID-19 is not present prior to reoccupancy by cleaning and disinfecting interior occupied spaces, furnishings, and mechanical per the CDC guidelines.

PHASE Associates can help with the above. We are an AIHA listed consultant with Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) that have the expertise to review the following:

  • Toxicity and efficacy of disinfectant chemicals
  • Identify safe remediation practices
  • Assess the risk of COVID-19
  • Develop management plans to control other building-related hazards such as Legionella and mold.

Please contact Gary Schwartz at [email protected] to find out how we can help you manage building maintenance during the COVID-19 shutdown and how we can help to reopen buildings.