Supply Chain Management Training and Evaluation

The supply chain is an essential system within most businesses. It determines how a company uses its resources to get products and services to its customers. 

The effects of the pandemic as well as other factors amplified its importance. Disruptions in supply chains globally led to manufacturing delays, and high demand. This resulted in congestion at many ports and limited storage at most warehouses.

It highlighted the need for an increase in effective supply chain management. Many companies also began evaluating their current system. So what is supply chain evaluation? And how can it help businesses?

Does it start with more effective operations and supply chain management courses?

This article answers all these and more including What is supply chain training? and What kind of training does a supply chain manager need? 

What is Supply Chain Management?

This is the management of the flow of production. It begins with the storage and movement of raw materials. This then becomes work-in-progress inventory until transformed into finished goods. The final component is the delivery of the finished product to the end customer. 

What is Supply Chain Evaluation?

This should be a continuous process throughout the flow of production. It can help avoid some of the disruptions experienced by many businesses over the last two years.

Evaluation allows you to look at the positioning of your inventory. You can then plan out the most effective footprint for your distribution facility.

It also takes into consideration the transportation of goods. This is usually from your facility to suppliers and customers.

Each element should be thoroughly reviewed. This can ensure an optimal outcome for your business. 

What is Supply Chain Training?

Evaluation can also help to determine the training required for employees. There are many interesting facets of supply chain management. This translates into many supply chain jobs.

All provide an opportunity for lucrative supply chain careers. Roles may include: 

  • Production Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Planner
  • Buyer
  • Warehouse staff

You’ll first need the relevant training to successfully fill any of these.

What Kind of Training Does a Supply Chain Manager Need?

Supply chain managers oversee the activities within the production flow. He/She must have skills such as:

  • Coordination 
  • Organization
  • Acquisition
  • Production
  • Distribution

They must also have the ability to foresee any issues or bottlenecks. Their analytical skills should allow them to provide viable solutions. 

Operations and Supply Chain Management Courses

Introductory supply chain management courses start with the fundamentals and focus on logistics, management, and warehousing.

Next concepts such as financial management and business strategy will be introduced. There will also be a heavy focus on inventory and production planning. Also highlighted would be procurement and transportation.

Human resource management will also be an element for those seeking management roles.

The Ins and Outs of Supply Chain Management Training

Proper training is a vital asset for companies. This article gives you a headstart with answers to What is supply chain training? and What is supply chain evaluation? You also now know more about operations and supply chain management courses. 

What kind of training does a supply chain manager need? It’s all in this article. However, it’s crucial to get training from highly qualified specialists.

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