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Osha Approved Confined Space Training

If your place of work requires employees to work in confined spaces, you have to be sure you are following OSHA’s training requirements. OSHA defines a confined space as an area that has limited ways to enter or exit the space, and is not meant to be stayed in for extended periods of time.  

Especially in the construction business, employees have to work in confined spaces on a regular basis and need to receive proper training on how to do their job in a restrictive space.

We’re here to answer all your questions on confined spaces, and getting OSHA-approved confined space training. Let’s jump in!

What Is the OSHA Standard for Confined Space?

Types of confined spaces can vary, but all of them can be dangerous. Without having safe entry and exit points, confined spaces mean that getting help in the event of an emergency is difficult.

OSHA defines these kinds of spaces as permit-required confined spaces, which have one or more of some specific characteristics:

  • Contain a hazardous atmosphere
  • Contain a hazardous material
  • Have inward sloping walls
  • Have downward sloping floors

Regardless of what the confined space is like, it is a space that could potentially trap someone in a dangerous situation.

In order to ensure the safety of those working in such areas, OSHA requires confined space training to reduce hazardous risks in these situations.

What Happens During Confined Space Training?

To protect the safety of those working in confined spaces, OSHA requires training programs to prepare workers for the challenges of working in these situations. They also help teach them skills to keep them safe. 

During a confined space training session, you’ll learn how injuries can occur in these types of spaces. And, you’ll learn what steps to take to avoid injury from occurring.

Finally, you’ll learn how to handle emergencies if they do end up happening. 

Confined space training typically includes hands-on demonstrations to give trainees the opportunity to practice working in a safe manner without the danger of being in a hazardous situation. 

How Often Does OSHA Require Confined Space Training?

OSHA does not have requirements for retraining on working in confined spaces, which means that technically you only need to receive the training once in order to work in confined spaces.

However, experts agree that training should occur once every year or two to ensure that safe practices are being met, and to be aware of any new restrictions.

Any time there is a change in the operations of your business regarding confined spaces, or a change in the duties assigned to those working in them, it’s a good idea to give your employees a refresher in the training to make sure safe practices are being met.

Get Started With OSHA Approved Confined Space Training

If your business requires employees to work in confined and hazardous spaces, safety is the number one goal.

Phase Associates offers training courses for maintaining safety in the workplace in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware, and are a great option for business owners and managers.

If you are looking for an OSHA-approved confined space training program, contact Phase Associates to learn more about our services and know what your options are.