NYS Mold Testing: Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed Mold Assessor

NY Mold Testing: Licensed Mold Assessor

Mold is a type of fungi that is commonly found in indoor spaces. Because mold has the potential to cause serious health problems, health experts stress the importance of eliminating it entirely.

If you own a home or commercial property in New York, mold testing services are vital in determining if there is mold. In addition, residences and businesses must always be safe places to live and work.

Having your space tested for mold with a licensed mold assessor has many benefits if it is found and remediated. First, the indoor air quality will get better, which will result in eliminating health issues. In addition, it will stop moisture problems, and the mold will no longer be. 

Keep reading to see why New York State mold testing from a reputable and qualified expert is best for you!

NYS Mold Testing and Your Health

Mold is the cause of many health problems, such as sore throat, skin rash, coughing, and burning eyes. When mold lurks in your home or business, the harmful indoor air quality can cause various health issues. As a homeowner, property manager, real estate agent, or any other type of property owner, it is critical to eliminate mold from the property.

A licensed mold assessor can provide efficient mold testing services that are highly effective in finding the mold for commercial and residential properties. In addition, the mold assessor will outline the proper mold remediation plan if mold is found. Once mold remediation is completed, you can have peace of mind as a homeowner, a property manager, a real estate agent, and others. In addition, mold remediation will eliminate coughing, itchy red eyes, and the asthma symptoms that mold triggers.

In conclusion, mold testing by a licensed mold assessor ensures the health of the family, pets, guests, employees, owners of businesses and more. Without the sickness that goes hand in hand with mold, everyone will be more productive and healthier.

Therefore, It’s vital to make indoor air quality a top priority! 

Prevent Moisture Problems

Floods, leaky faucets, and cracks in your foundation can cause water problems, creating moisture. When moisture is present, mold that reproduces tiny spores finds these surfaces a suitable place to land, grow, and multiply. Mold thrives in wet, damp and humid conditions. Conversely, if there is no moisture, there will be no mold.

Mold can be hiding whereas not visible to the human eye. Ceiling tiles and drywall are a few places. By hiring a NY licensed mold assessor, you can rest assured they have the tools and experience to locate all mold. One example of its importance is if you are a real estate agent. You may not be aware of mold hiding in a new home you are about to sell. Not so good for the new owners to find and leave that bad review you do want.

Keep Mold From Spreading

As we mentioned above, when there is moisture, mold can spread quickly, resulting in significant damage to ceiling tiles, drywall, and even furniture in many cases. In addition, when water is present, they can grow just about anywhere.

When mold spreads to other surfaces, it can cause significant damage. In many cases, you’ll have to remove carpets, drywall, ceiling tiles, or even furniture. However, mold can also decay floorboards and wooden studs in the wall beyond this. Damages can be severe enough to cause collapsed ceilings and walls.

Of course, the more damage, the more costly it will be to fix. However, a NY licensed mold assessor’s residential and commercial property mold testing can save you from stress and a ton of money over the long run.

Benefits of NYS Mold Testing

Mold going unnoticed is a severe issue in many ways, as we have discussed. 

Hiring a NYS mold testing company to come into a residence or business has extreme benefits to the health of all persons who share the space. In addition, mold testing finds water damage and moisture buildup, which can result in severe structural damage if not found. 

Protect your family, friends, pets, employees, customers and others who visit. Protect your investment and your reputation!

Contact Phase Associates, a NYS licensed mold assessor, to learn more about our mold testing services. We help residential, commercial businesses, property management companies, real estate agents and development companies and more.