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HAZWOPER Respiratory Protection Training: Phase Associates

The CDC estimates that 5 million workers in the U.S. must wear respirators for their jobs. Respirators are a critical piece of protective equipment for working in hazardous conditions. Since 1990, they have been part of the federal HAZWOPER standard.

Complying with HAZWOPER is important for workers and employers. It keeps employees safe and helps employers avoid costly penalties. HAZWOPER respiratory protection training is one part of becoming compliant.

Learn more here about HAZWOPER respiratory protection training. You’ll see how you can start protecting your employees and your business.


Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) contains guidelines for worker safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) administers these regulations. The HAZWOPER standard protects workers who could be exposed to hazardous substances.


HAZWOPER training is available in a 40-hour, 24-hour, or 8-hour course. Someone working with hazardous materials for the first time needs the 40-hour course. The 8-hour course is enough for experienced workers who need their yearly refresher.

All three courses include respirator training.

Who Needs HAZWOPER Respiratory Protection Training?

The HAZWOPER standard covers several groups of employers and their employees. It includes workers who handle, store, or transport hazardous materials. It also covers workers responsible for cleaning up or disposing of hazardous substances.

OSHA Definition of Hazardous Substances

OSHA defines a hazardous substance as one that could negatively affect workers. The definition includes materials that pose a health or safety hazard. Some examples are:

  • Substances that cause cancer
  • Corrosives
  • Chemicals that are combustible, flammable, or explosive
  • Materials that damage the lungs, skin, or eyes

Liquids, solids, gases, and other forms of material can all be hazardous.

Training Based on Worker Exposure Levels

HAZWOPER regulations have three levels of training. The levels are based on an employee’s potential level of exposure. The three training levels are:

  • Emergency response
  • General site cleanup
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) treatment, storage, and disposal facilities

Workers who earn their HAZWOPER certification must complete a yearly refresher course. The refresher keeps the certification valid.

HAZWOPER Respiratory Protection Training

Workers must wear respirators to protect against environments with insufficient oxygen. Respirators also protect against harmful substances.

HAZWOPER respiratory protection training teaches workers how to use respirators properly. Correct use of the right respirator is essential for getting full protection.

HAZWOPER respiratory protection training covers topics such as:

  • Hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Classes of respirators
  • Choosing the right respirator
  • How to use the respirator
  • OSHA regulations for HAZWOPER respirator protection

Workers and supervisors in many industries will benefit from respiratory protection training. This training is important even if employees use respirators voluntarily.

PHASE Associates HAZWOPER Respiratory Protection Training

PHASE Associates offers the quality HAZWOPER respiratory protection training you need. We understand OSHA regulations for respiratory protection and HAZWOPER.

Our expert professionals will evaluate your current practices. We’ll develop a protection program and a program to test how well your respirators fit.

PHASE Associates provides customized hands-on instructor-led training. Our expert instructors offer supervisory, 40-hour, 24-hour, and 8-hour courses. These OSHA-based courses comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

Protect Your Workers with HAZWOPER Respiratory Protection Training

You can rely on PHASE Associates HAZWOPER respiratory protection training. Your workplace will be safer. We’ll help ensure you comply with OSHA regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about our training options. Start giving your workers the protection they need.

HAZWOPER Respirator Protection Training