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Subject Expert Witnesses for Environmental Issues

With environmental issues becoming increasingly popular, having an expert witness to help with all environmental issues can make or break a process for change.

From increased pollution to climate change, unsafe water algae blooms, and more, environmental expert witnesses can help with going through the process of environmental impacts.

Still not sure what an expert witness does or how they can help? Keep reading this guide to learn more!

What Is the Role of an Expert Witness with Environmental Issues?

Expert witnesses for environmental issues are people who provide witness testimony regarding environmental issues. This could cover many different environmental issues, and most are usually within the jurisdiction of an expert witness. A few issues that may be covered are:

  • Environmental forensics
  • Environmental health and safety 
  • Environmental impact studies
  • EPA regulations
  • National Environmental Protection Act testimonies
  • Air pollution or water pollution 
  • Asbestos and lead-based paint assessment
  • Groundwater investigations or soil investigations 
  • Above-ground storage sites
  • Landfills

These are just a few issues for which an expert witness can provide testimony. Many other issues can be covered as well.

The Process of Using an Expert Witness

There are many ways an expert witness can step in and help. Here are just a few.

Industrial Hygiene Assessments

A hygiene assessment is a test run in industrial areas to ensure everything is running smoothly. They can test for:

  • Heath hazards
  • Occupational exposure banding
  • Weld fume monitoring for heavy metals
  • Personal exposure monitoring 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing is vital in many different settings. This test evaluates the air for mold, radon, asbestos, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and more.

Depending on the outcome of the service, there will be different options for moving forward with your indoor air quality and the next steps.

Safety and Consulting Services

In addition to testing for the safety of a building or area, expert witnesses can also help with consulting services for your company or organization.

This helps your business to be compliant when it comes to safety to pass safety audits. This will also be beneficial in terms of reducing related injuries and costs associated with worker’s compensation if something happens on the job. 

During this process, a professional will help you to determine your onsite needs in terms of safety. Once the training is done, professionals can continue returning to the site to ensure that all programs and procedures and any regulations put into place are being followed correctly.

Expert Witnesses for Environmental Issues

Utilizing an expert witness for environmental issues is beneficial for many different reasons. 

Whether you need a safety check, training, or inspections, or to be sure you comply with all environmental regulations, you’ll want to work with an expert witness.

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We provide subject expert witnesses for environmental issues to the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Georgia, and Virginia.