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Testing Services of Certified Microbial Consultants

While it’s true that only 1% of different types of microbes are harmful and can cause illness, there are still a variety of microbes that can cause severe harm and concern. The introduction of harmful toxins is a significant concern. The transformation of disease and even tooth decay can raise additional problems.

Microbes can present multiple adverse effects on health and production workflows. This is one of the main reasons why certified microbial consultants are in such high demand. Different industries can benefit from proper microbial testing.

For those in the food industry, bacteria can cause food to spoil as quickly as 20 minutes. For those in the construction industry, there are a few concerns. Bioagents used in construction technology can present harm.

Even microbes found in plumbing systems can raise more concern. This leaves companies wondering how microbial testing can enhance their business methods.

Keep reading as we discuss the importance of microbial consultancies. As well as why it’s an essential part of multi-industry management.

What Is Microbial Testing?

What is microbial testing? Microbiological testing is a vital process and analysis tactic. It helps to identify food, products, or processes that are more likely to pose the danger of disease or sickness.

It also helps identify areas where safety control is lacking and is more needed. This type of testing involves the combination of different testing methods, such as.

  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Biochemical
  • Molecular

These forms of microbial testing help to identify the levels of microorganism contamination. It’s a vital safeguard. It’s basically used to help produce the finest, safest, and highest-quality final products before they reach consumers.

The process was started due to the need for detecting Escherichia coli in beef products. The Food Safety and Inspection Service instituted the formal need for microbe testing on October 17, 1994.

Why Is Microbiological Testing Important?

Some companies may wonder, “why is microbiological testing important?”. They may also be concerned about whether that importance applies to what they do. Microbial testing methods don’t only relate to food services.

Microbes can be found in the air, in soil, in the ocean, and even on our skin. They can essentially be found everywhere. This makes microbial consulting services appropriate for any professional application.

We breathe in around one million different types of fungi daily. So, it’s safe to say that we are at risk of harm any time we inhale. However, there are some products and materials that produce harmful microorganisms. This is aside from what we are naturally exposed to in the air.

Industries that use or produce different air pollutants are at risk. Some could be lead, ozone, or particulate matter. This includes any processes that use or emit sulfur dioxide.

Some examples could be electric utility companies. Or it could be any company whose processes burn fossil fuels. Industries that cause the spread of nitrogen oxides are also included.

A good example of this could be the oil and gas industries or transportation services. Also, electric power plants that use fossil fuels are prime examples.

Microbe testing helps identify harmful and toxic pathogens in food products. A few examples of this would be E Coli and Salmonella. Food poisoning is the top cause of food contamination.

This is due to the ability of bacteria to multiply rapidly in food products. Across the U.S., every year, there are around 100 deaths associated with E-Coli exposure alone. This includes at least 265,000 illnesses.

Companies are working closely with certified microbial consultants. This helps with preventing consumer risk of contaminated products. This ensures product safety and proper compliance with food distribution standards and guidelines.

Microbial Testing Methods

The microbial testing method used will depend on the industry and application. There are a variety of testing processes. There are also at least five different laboratory techniques. There are, however, two primary methods of testing.
One option will assess indicator organisms.

The other form of analysis is designed to identify more specific pathogens. These two basic approaches to microbe detection are often used in food applications.

Other methods of testing and prevention could be more universal. This is a good tactic for adaptability. These options from a certified microbial consultant could include:

Testing is initiated differently for a variety of production workflows and manufacturing processes. The techniques used are designed to help study the structure of different microorganisms. This will include the function of that microorganism along with its genomics.

Part of this involves the genetic information associated with certain types of bacteria. Businesses must think about their exposure rates. They have to assess for they approach order fulfillment and product creation.

There are at least 500 foodborne illnesses every year. These 500 illnesses often derive from restaurants alone. Microbial consultant services are needed…to ensure public health and safety.

Microbial Consulting Services

Consulting services for microbe detection help with identification, verification, and solution development. The landscape of different companies varies. This makes consumer protection more critical than some operations managers might have thought.

Lawsuits constantly arise against businesses with harmful contaminants in their products. A decrease in customer trust also accompanies this.

The same goes for brand positivity. This means that microbial consultants don’t only ensure safety.

Additionally, they assist with protecting the manufacturing and production process. This is something that will benefit your products, services, and coverage areas.

Quality, Success, and Safety Assurance: Working with Certified Microbial Consultants

Working with certified microbial consultants can help with identifying harmful contaminants. This is beneficial at the beginning phase of any development process. PHASE Associates works to prepare companies to implement safeguards and reliable testing tactics.

This helps to prevent irreversible damage to both your company and your consumer. Get in touch with our team at Phase Associates today to learn more about how we optimize business safety and reliability. Our Certified Microbial consultants offer testing services to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia.