5 Best Practices for Construction Site Safety

Construction site safety is critical. See why maintaining a site safety plan is necessary.

In 2020, construction was one of four industries labeled as the most dangerous. Out of the four, the construction industry experienced the most workplace deaths. Unfortunately, the statistics that support this aren’t unique to the US. Construction safety is a worldwide concern. 

There were over 5,000 worker fatalities in the US in 2019, or approximately 15 deaths every day. Twenty percent of these fatalities were on construction sites in the private industry. So it’s making safety in construction sites a significant concern for the agencies charged with workers’ safety. 

But you can avoid contributing to these startling statistics with proper construction site safety. Read on for five construction site safety tips that are highly recommended.

Maintain a Construction Site Safety Plan

Safety on any construction site starts with every worker knowing proper site procedures. A construction site safety plan outlines these. The goal is to have these in place to protect workers at the site throughout the course of any project.

This should also include a disaster preparedness plan. If a natural disaster occurs while on-site, this plan lets workers know what to do. It needs to outline an evacuation plan and safe zones.

A construction site safety technician should also always be on-site. They can ensure the implementation of any safety protocols.

Conduct Appropriate Training 

Hire competent workers and provide relevant safety training. Training should also ensure familiarity with the contents of your site safety plan. In addition, each worker should have a specific role while on-site and understand what it entails.

Safety training should be continuous. You must implement frequent checks to ensure workers retain all they have learned.

You can also implement a mentorship program for new workers. This can help them adjust to your construction site.

Use Construction Site Safety Signs

Construction site safety signs help indicate potential on-site dangers. These safety signs alert employees to hazards and can lessen the risk of injuries and accidents. These signs not only help employees but can also prevent injury to visitors.

Use Construction Safety Gear and Proper Equipment

Safety checks must be done daily, especially before shifts. Ensure all equipment is updated. In addition, regular scheduling maintenance of all equipment is vital. 

Safety gear is also crucial. It must be a requirement to enter the construction site. This pertains to both workers and on-site visitors. 

Utilize Safety Technology on Site

Technological advancements can also benefit the construction industry. Safety technology for the construction industry includes:

  • Smartwatches
  • Safety glasses that use augmented reality (AR)
  • Hard hats with sensors

These can all help reduce accidents. These types of equipment can help workers avoid collisions and accidents. They can also monitor their vital statistics while on construction sites. 

Complement this with clear, effective communication and by continuously updating safety protocols.

Safety in Construction, Site Safety Services

The most cited OSHA standard is construction safety. It’s number one in the top 10 list of OSHA violations. 

Many of the industry’s fatalities occur as a result of falls. This is usually due to the lack of fall protection systems at job sites. 

Changing this statistic starts with proper construction site safety. Implementing the construction site safety tips above can help. This should include construction safety rules and regulations as well as continuous training.

Site safety services may be the best solution when it comes to safety in construction. Therefore, it is vital to find a company specializing in these services to learn more.

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